Project walkthrough.

Before doing this project you will need to complete:


Here's what you should accomplish / have to show for your efforts.

Your Graphic design Portfolio

...should include:
  • 2+ Clients / Projects
    • at least 4 items (reflective of increasing skill)
      • Print
      • Web
      • etc.
  • An explanation of why you did what you did.
  • Evidence of
    • Supersize it
    • extreme cropping
    • Good typeography
    • Whitespace
    • Grids

Type is a Graphic!external image 10commandtypography.jpg

I believe that...
of Graphic design is Typography. Your project should look compelling without any graphics beyond type.

Master this.

"Learning" Graphic Design
Sign up for Canva

A little primer on technique and theory from Visual Design Basics.
  1. Getting Started
  2. Fonts
  3. Layout

Stuff to help you

Ideas for clients / projects

  • Clubs / Organizations
  • Publications
  • Adopt a teacher
  • Event promotion

Apps!!!external image adobe-ai-cc.jpg

Always do this stuff and you can't go wrong

...well almost.

Lost??? Try this from last year:

Stuff you can make

Fill your portfolio with awesome...

Design Something - Full Page Ad. or Magazine Cover

...or both
  1. Review this video on getting graphics.
  2. Go try your luck at The full page ad.

Design Something - Vector Self-Portrait

  • Get a picture of yourself.
  • Go try your luck at the Vector Self-Portrait.
  • Post it to Edmodo for feedback

Design something - Digital Portfolio

Chances are, you've probably already made a Weebly or Blogger. Now that you're more design-oriented, you may be re-thinking your decision. There are also several other tools you can use.
  • Choose a tool. Lets look at some the school does not block.
  • Now customize it.
    • Add your Logo
    • Add custom graphics
    • Choose an awesome font scheme.

Design Something - Infographics

Learn some stuff about design & Infographics

Learn some stuff about design tools -

  1. Open the creator
  2. Watch this video .
  3. Practice with creator

make one

Design something - Cover Art

The endangered art of designing book & album covers.
  • Choose a book or album that you like.
  • Re-design the cover.

There's an app for that

There are a lot of mobile and web apps available for graphic design. Honestly, it is terribly sad that there's so much terrible design filling our school's halls, walls, and sometimes stalls, when one can design something simple, beautiful, and that has real impact on his or her phone.
external image phonto.jpg

Mobile Apps

  • Canva (iOS)
  • Phonto (iOS, Android)
  • (iOS)
  • Over (iOS & Android)
  • Fontasy (iOS & Android)

Web Apps