Project walkthrough.

Before doing this project you will need to complete:

Quick Links

Stuff your classmates, teachers, friends, and enemies may ask you to do as a designer:

Requirement - Your Graphic design Portfolio



  • 2+ Clients / Projectsat least 4 items (reflective of increasing skill)faith2.jpg
      • Print
      • Web
      • etc.
  • An explanation of why you did what you did.
  • Evidence of
    • Supersize it
    • extreme cropping
    • Good typography
    • Whitespace
    • Grids

Sample portfolios:

  • Faith - Mostly Logo design
  • Sadie - Just freaking awesome...

Type is a Graphic!external image 10commandtypography.jpg

I believe that...
of Graphic design is Typography. Your project should look compelling without any graphics beyond type.

Master this.

Learning Graphic Design

Tools - Stuff to make Graphic Design with

Techniques - Ways to make your designs look good

  • Use copyright-friendly graphics:
    • Creative Commons Search (the big one - be careful of what the license says!!)
    • Unsplash is made up of a collective of photographers who were sick of “traditional” stock imagery, so they decided to offer their own high-resolution images for free. All photos on the site can be copied, modified and distributed (including for commercial purposes) under CC0, without you having to ask permission or provide attribution.
    • Negative Space is another contemporary hi-res photo site that releases all of their images into the public domain. You can filter by category, color and (most interestingly) by copy space—ideal for when you need an image for web design!
    • MorgueFile
    • Pics4Learning
    • Public Domain Vectors has a massive collection of public domain vectors that are available to download in SVG, AI and EPS formats. All images are licensed under CC0.
    • Look at what I have in the W drive.
  • Use one or two of these techniques:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Fonts
  3. Layout

Learn some stuff about design & Infographics

Learn some stuff about design tools -

  1. Open the creator
  2. Watch this video .
  3. Practice with creator

make one

Design something - Cover Art

The endangered art of designing book & album covers.
  • Choose a book or album that you like.
  • Re-design the cover.