Okay, some of you are brilliant illustrative artists. If you can freehand the brush tool like a mad fool and design amazing character art, you need to consider throwing down a comic-style PSA poster.
Obviously, you'll need to share a message relating to your cause and include characters and dialog.


Okay, so the idea here is to leverage your awesome drawing skill to make something that addresses your cause. You still need to do what's in the PSA Poster Project, such as:

Visit Your cause's web site.

  • Figure out a message that will promote the cause:
    • "give money"
    • "report abuse of ___"
    • etc.
  • Plan a message to convey visually through a poster.

    • Now, use all of these fabulous new tools to design an 8.5 x 11 of a PSA Poster for your cause.
...but now we're also adding characters and dialog. I am not an awesome comic artist, so, I'll let you take it from here... Below are some tutorials and guides to help you if you get stuck.

Page Layout & other junk you may want to consider.

Some Tutorials