::CS4: Advanced Graphics for the classroom and beyond ::

June 22 & 23

1. Welcome

In this workshop, we'll focus on the following applications you should be finding on your workstation this Fall:
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4
  • Adobe Fireworks CS4
Being that this workshop is geared toward advanced applications of graphics, don't be surprised to find yourself hearing about many other applications where these graphics will be applied, from Microsoft Office to Blogs and more.

1.a. The official Blurb:

This workshop will focus on Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator CS4 in creating stunning professional visuals for everything from posters and bulletin boards to promotional materials supporting school activities.
  • Graphic Design principles and techniques.
  • Brushes, Gradients, and Patterns Oh My!
  • Moving beyond “MS Clipart” and “Karen's Kids”
  • File Formats and publishing destinations.
  • And as always, time to apply knowledge / techniques in context.

1.b. A word or two about the term "Advanced"

Okay, so I had intended to teach this workshop as a follow up to my intro to Adobe Photoshop CS4, but somehow that workshop ended up scheduled for late July and this one for June. Incidentally, John Sengia has not yet perfected time travel, though he noted to me that he was working on it at one time, and we therefore will not be able to assume that everyone has the basics of the CS4 workspace down. Don't Panic.

Instead, we'll think about advanced in the following way: The ability to determine and use the appropriate graphic design and productivity tool(s) for the task at hand in a manner that allows seamless transfer of created objects and documents to flow easily between the selected tools without outside intervention.

Translation: We will focus on giving you the ability to decide what program to make graphics in and how to get those graphics into other programs to make the products you want without having to bug Mr. Walters in the middle of class. (;

Our Itinerary: CS4itinerary.pdf

2. Graphic Design principles and techniques-

Introductory Material for the Design Newbie

There's so much I could cover in terms of why we're doing what we're doing. If I did, though, it would probably bore most of you to tears and cause some of you involuntary convulsive episodes. Of course, I'm sensitive to the fact that there are some out there like myself who actually care about the theory behind things like color selection, font choice, etc.

Typography Resources
Graphic Design Principles

3. Adobe CS4 Resources and Tutorials-

I can't promise I've covered all of this stuff in the workshop or even that everything here was covered in the workshop. Either way, this material is the "take home" kind of stuff you would expect from a handout or a packet. Keep checking back to see what's been added by myself and other users.appspectrum.jpg

Remember, this is like a two day lesson in moving from a bike to a fighter jet. I'll cover what I can, and I'll try to provide the rest to you as resources here. I'll try to also insert an ongoing discussion here so we can develop a local user community to assist in building a knowledge base and a source of help when you can't emember how to get that darn clone stamp tool to work.

3.a. Adobe Photoshop CS4

3.b. Adobe Fireworks CS4

3.c. Adobe Illustrator CS4

4. Page Discussion

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5. Hypertext Itinerary-

What we'll cover in the workshop on June 22 & 23 with links to related help resources on the web.

3. Fireworks CS4
a. A jack of all trades and why we won’t get to the kitchen sink.
b. Drawing in Fireworks
i. Shapes
ii. Paths
iii. Combining Paths
iv. Fills & Strokes
c. Text in Fireworks
i. Styles
ii. Fills & Strokes
iii. Text on a path
4. Illustrator CS4 (time permitting)
a. Relationship with InDesign
b. General Uses (stuff you might actually do with this monster)
i. Creating Vector Art using Live Trace
ii. Taking pencil sketches digital

6. Resources to build on-

In this section, we aim to provide a list of resources that you can build on for your own photo creations.

6.a. A word about copyright.

Blah blah copyright

6.b. Copyright friendly image and graphics resources.

My 2 top recommendations would be: