Technical Drawing Basics walkthrough

What is technical drawing?

tech·ni·cal draw·ing
ˌteknəkəl ˈdroiNG/

  1. a precise and detailed drawing of an object, as employed in architecture or engineering.
    • the practice or skill of drawing objects in a precise way using certain techniques of draftsmanship, as employed in architecture or engineering.

Sketchup for technical drawing

New User Concepts:

Follow along in Sketchup!!!!

  1. New User Concepts 1
  2. New User Concepts 2
  3. New User Concepts 3
  4. New User Concepts 4

More on Sketchup opposed to moron sketchup....

Step by step floorplans in Sketchup

Floorplan - Drawing walls

  1. Drawing your exterior walls
  2. Drawing your Interior Walls

Moving into 3D

Starting over or fixing wounds