A wiki guide to Technical Drawing in Google Sketchup.

Okay, there's a lot going on here. There's info for folks who are creating their whole plan in Sketchup, those who are only rendering the outside of the house, and those who are using the sandbox tools for landscaping.

Getting your 3d legs - New User Concepts:

Do these videos first!!!!

Floor planning

General Points: Stuff I shouldn't have to say but will...

The Basics:
  • Each architecture firm has 1/2 acre of land to build on. However, you decide on the shape of the land, orientation of the site, surrounding landscape, and location in the US.
  • Each plan will have to incorporate a few design features in terms of landscape, construction, or components that are considered green.

Step 1: Walls

  1. Step 1 - Import & Prep your Floorplan
  2. Step 2 - Finish Interior and Exterior Walls
  3. Step 3 - Push / Pull Walls etc.

Getting Started (from Scratch)

Below are some vids from Sketchup for Dummies. They'll help you layout your initial floorplan from scratch. Again, starting from scratch is recommended for those of you with a ton of floor plans tagged in Diigo. You have a lot of architectural influences but want to try to do something new, combining ideas from 3 or more house plans. Good luck. You'll need:
  • A good idea of the dimensions you want each floor to be.
  • A good idea of the room layout you want in your house (this includes hallways, closets, and utility areas).
  • A willingness to start over if I say it's wrong...

Getting Started (Tracing)

An alternate series by another guy on tracing:

My videos on Tracing

The sketchup show on tracing...

Shipping Containers

Step 2: Details - Doors, windows, furniture, & Cladding


Exterior Design & Cladding

Add videos here...

Optional: Making a Sketchup Elevation of your Visio House




Reference Material (stuff You probably have questions about...)


Push Pull tool

Scale tool