Game Design II: Place Based Games
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Important Note: To successfully complete this project, you must have your own iPhone. An iTouch might work. An iPad might work. A Droid will not work. It's difficult to test your games without one.


Plot out your game. Now that you have an idea of what you can do with ARIS, you'll want to know how you want this thing to work.

Create a Google doc, Evernote, or something to keep track of your ideas as they pop into your brain.
Consider the following:
  • Key Locations - Where will this thing take place on the real-world map?
  • Key Interactions - What characters will your player have to interact with?
  • Interface / Visual Style - ARIS has a pretty plain interface. You determine the look and feel of your game through custom graphics. Will you make your graphics or outsource the job to someone doing the Concept Art project?

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Trying ARIS
Resources that may help you with this mission include:

Third Mission

Now, you need to try to create something Epic and Awesome with ARIS.