A Wiki guide to technical drawing in MS Visio

Step 1: Walls, Shell, & Structure

General Points: Stuff I shouldn't have to say but will...

The Basics:

  • Each architecture firm has 1/2 acre of land to build on. However, you decide on the shape of the land, orientation of the site, surrounding landscape, and location in the US.
  • Each plan will have to incorporate a few design features in terms of landscape, construction, or components that are considered green.

Getting Started - outside walls (from Scratch)

These videos are for those of you with a ton of floor plans tagged in Diigo. You have a lot of architectural influences but want to try to do something new, combining ideas from 3 or more house plans. Good luck. You'll need:
  • A good idea of the dimensions you want each floor to be.
  • A good idea of the room layout you want in your house (this includes hallways, closets, and utility areas).
  • A willingness to start over if I say it's wrong...

A note on Shipping containers...

Getting Started - outside walls (Tracing)

A big picture overview

Interior Walls, Doors & Windows Guide


From Scratch

Still struggling just to build a set of walls? Try these:

Step 2: Stairs, Decks (patios), Fireplaces

Building Core


Stairs in-depth

Can't find the actions toolbar?

Fireplaces In-depth

Step 3: Bath & Kitchen Plan


Having a hateful time with kitchens? Try these...


Step 4: Interior Details

Furniture, Home Entertainment & More

Custom shapes & additional stencils

Second story

The below video is a suggested route to take. If your second story is drastically different in shape in size from your first, you may consider making it from the videos above on Walls, Shell & Structure. Then simply copy and paste your stairwell and other features that continue through both floors (use Shift+select).

Step 5: Landscaping