Okay, so I've had a lot (A LOT) of people ask to do fashion design as a product design project. Here's some specific stuff to help with that...
You will need to know the following before starting:


Fashon Design Portfolio:

  • Brand statement
    • Name
    • Tagline
    • Target audience
  • An original label
  • At least two lines
    • 6 outfits each
    • Context - Seasonal / other?

Sample Portfolios:

Brand Statement

Finding your Niche

Audience, Tagline and Philosophy

Your brand relies heavily on what niche you have chosen to operate in. in other words, you have to define the niche in order to know what customers to target for brand building.
  1. Open your Portfolio, Then, go to the Pages tab and add a blog. Call it "Blog" (don't forget to change your comment settings).
  2. Enter your blog and click "New Post". Call it "Brand development part 1". In your post you should:
    • answer the following questions (in paragraph form... don't repeat the question):
        1. What types of clothing do you offer? Define the qualities your products (adjectives).
        2. What are the core values of your design philosophy?
        3. What age / gender / social group does your clothing target?
        4. What is the tagline of your company? What message does your tagline send to your prospects?
  3. Post your blog to MyBigCampus or Edmodo.
  4. Go learn about Typography. Read and watch everything here. THIS IS ESSENTIAL TO GOOD DESIGN!
  5. Go do these lessons in Illustrator now:
  6. Go check out "50 Simplistic, Minimal and Inspirational Fashion Labels"

Optional: Need Inspiration?

  1. Sign into Polyvore. Develop 3 or 4 sets that showcase the types of fashions / garments you would try to create. (What is your niche?)
  2. Create a Collection called "My design niche". You can publish this collection and put it on your blog.


Your Label

  1. Return to your Blog. Click "New Post". Call it "Brand development part 2". In your post you should:
    • answer the following questions:
      1. Using the information from the previous blog post, create a personality or character for your company that represents your

      2. clothing. What is the character like? What qualities stand out? Is the personality of your clothing energetic, sophisticated, defiant, elegant, grungy, etc.?
      3. Create a profile of your brand. Describe the personality or character with words just as if you were writing a biography or personal ad. Be creative.
    • Develop a brand label or logo, using these resources. Add it to your post.
      • Remember, don't get bogged down in drawing. Sometimes great type is all you need. (eg Herbert Smith Designs).
  2. Samples:
  3. Add your Logo to your portfolio header

Cycle 4 & 5

Learning the Basics & the tools of Design

Drawing Fashion in Illustrator.

  1. Review the Illustrator Lessons.
  2. Download an Illustrator Template to get you started
  3. Want to draw from scratch instead? You are awesome indeed...
  4. Export it and post it to your Blog (& Edmodo for feedback).
  5. Get some feedback
  6. Now Create an entire line.