Even if Fair Use applied to every instance where you used an image you found online, if you graduate today without an understanding of where to go to find and use Creative Commons images you've been done a a disservice.

Copyright Basics

Here are some simple explanations from creativecommons.org to help you understand copyright.

Why do I care?

Online Publishing

Weebly, Animoto, Myna, and similar apps automatically publish your stuff online! If you're just using images from a web site or google Image search, you may be setting yourself up for disaster. This isn't a Media Center speech on MLA citations. This is serious crap! If you don't have permission, you will be caught (see reverse image search below).

Eighth Graders, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Phoenix, etc all create derivitives (modify or adapt the work) of the original image. If you use an image from the web in one of these programs that is not licensed to "modify, adapt, or build upon" you are commiting a serious copyright violation! If I observe you doing this, you get an automatic zero for the work. No discussion necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reverse image search

Want to find out if someone is using your image illegally?


Here are some resources for you to get stuff that you can modify, remix, and build upon.
You can also find much resources at the Copyright friendly Wiki



Note: always check individual licensing notices before publishing on the Web or broadcasting! (for the thumbnail version of this pathfinder) Music and Sound
Make your own

A culture of Remixing

Why you should license your stuff with a CC License even if you aren't using "share alike" Licensed images and music...