Public Service Announcements & Personal Service Announcements...

Personal Service Announcements

This is a bit subjective. You are looking to speak out about something that is important to you (personally) and (not "or") your community. This is not a forum for ranting, lashing out at groups you disagree with, or bullying / making fun of people. Run all of your ideas through the THINK filter.


Is it:
  • True - Is this something that is really happening / a problem here at SGASD or in York?
  • Helpful - Will your message help the problem get better? Might it make things worse?
  • Inspiring - Is this going to make people want to fight world suck and make SGASD a better place? Will it simply depress or anger people?
  • Necessary - Are you saying something new or saying it in a new way? "Stop Bullying", for example, is not necessarily a new message and may simply be ignored.
  • Kind - Is this going to hurt anyone or make them feel singled out? Fight ideas not people.

General categories

Stuff you may consider making a PSA about.
  • Diversity issues
    • Acceptance
    • Avoiding stereotypes
  • Environment issues
    • Caring for classrooms, hallways, etc. (littering, vandalism)
    • Maintaining positive dialog... avoiding negativity... school spirit... etc.

Public Service Announcements

Choose a Cause (Charity etc.) or Club / Organization / Activity from among the many possible things going on right here at the middle school or in the community at large. Some examples may include:

Note: this is not an exhaustive list! You may choose any cause dear to you. Please submit it to me for approval. If you have a great cause that is not on this list, you would be awesome if you added it yourself!

PS: let's avoid the breast cancer thing... there's only so many ways to design around a pink ribbon and re-package semi-suggestive messages.

Clubs / Organizations / Activities here at school.

What's in the news?

Things happen all of the time, from famine to war to natural disasters. Go find out what is happening. Maybe you can find an organization that is helping people there.
  • NPR (good news source)

Non-profits, service organizations, & charities:


Tolerance / Equal Rights



timthumb.jpgHealth & Disease research & Support

Military & Public Servants