Opening Blurb...
This is an Independent study! I expect that you will:
  • Work hard
  • Be awesome
  • Blog seriously about what you're doing to help develop the project
  • Be self-directed - This is an independent study. This document should guide you as you get started. Then, you should start taking the project in a direction of your choosing. Either way, you should remain actively engaged with the project until the end. Alternately, you could do another project. Being idle is NOT an option.

Your Portfolio

...should include:
  • Anything You made / Created
    • mp3 files
    • YouTube Videos
    • Embedded media from anywhere else you posted.
  • An explanation of each project - Get creative and say something interesting.
    • Act excited about your work and others will be excited about it too.
Portfolio tools:
  • Kiwi6 - to host your song files.
  • Weebly or Blogger - to make your website
  • Canva - for custom graphics.

Tuts for Installed Apps

external image AU_MT-Track-Color-popup_Fullscreen.pngUltimately. YouTube is your friend. If you want to know how to do something, you should check YouTube. Here are some useful tutorials on the apps installed on our workstations and your iPads.

Adobe Audition

Garage Band iOS (on your iPad)

Important Update: AUTOTUNE!

  1. Record a voice track.
  2. Select the voice track.
  3. Click on the lower left corner on the track edit button (scissors icon)
  4. Click on the "Enhance Tuning" slider and drag it up to 100.
  5. Select "Limit to key" below.
  6. Play your voice track - autotuned!

How to auto-tune on Garageband - Quora


Web Apps

untilam.PNGHere are some links to currently available apps for sound editing and music composition. These can become extinct or "pay" apps at any time.

Music & Sound FX

Whether you're making your own videos, designing a game in Scratch or Stencyl, or just trying to improve your screencasts, it help to have a library of sound effects and music handy.