Here's some stuff to use in your projects that won't get you in trouble...

You are all designing stuff, from houses to video games, to fashion. Here are some links to stuff you may find helpful and useful as you make your projects without reinventing the wheel, as they say...


Whether you're doing Graphic design, making a game in ARIS, or just trying to find the perfect pic for your blog post, it helps to do it legally since you're posting this stuff on the web.
Seriously, stop with the Google image search, already... this is going on the web.

Image sites:

Vector Art Resources:

Music & Sound FX

Whether you're making your own videos, designing a game in Scratch or Stencyl, or just trying to improve your screencasts, it help to have a library of sound effects and music handy.

Video Clips

Need video clips... check here.

3d Models & Assorted textures

I did not forget about you folks using Sketchup and Blender.

Game Design Resources

DIY games don't have to look terrible or childish. Grab some sprites and map tiles for your next game here. Give credit to the artist, and make a sweet game.

Illustrator and Photoshop Templates


Graphic Design and Product Templates