Alignment Bootcamp

The Basics:

The concept of alignment says that everything on a page should be visually connected to something else on the page. Nothing should be placed arbitrarily. When elements are aligned they are connected to each other, even if they are separated on the page.
As it is said, "Good design is transparent."
You notice the alignment of this paragraph because it is centered.
That's not a good thing!

If, on the other hand, it were left aligned like all other elements on the page, you wouldn't notice it. It would flow with the design and be pleasing to the eye.

Alignment Brings Order to Chaos

Alignment tools:

For simple arrangements, items can be aligned using the automatic align options in your software or a few guidelines. For more complicated layouts the use of guidelines and grids aid in the precise placement of elements.

Now, go learn about whitespace and grids!

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